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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Caring about nature. Charming young man and his pre-teen sons preparing plastic bottles for recycling, crushing the bottles and putting them into special containers

16 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day this year

Tomorrow, April 22nd, you can honor Earth Day by learning about your ecosystem and contributing to its health. Here are 16 great activities you can participate in to celebrate Earth Day! Get outside Make a bird feeder for your yard Birds are essential to ecosystems. Making a bird feeder is a Read More...

These water-soluble cubes are

These water-soluble cubes are helping hotels reduce plastic waste

When it comes to tackling the ubiquitous problem of plastic waste, the only solutions actually able to put a dent in this urgent environmental crisis are the ones that encourage reducing and reusing plastic in the first place. That’s why here at The Optimist Daily we are always happy to share Read More...