Today’s Solutions: May 31, 2023

Tomorrow, April 22nd, you can honor Earth Day by learning about your ecosystem and contributing to its health. Here are 16 great activities you can participate in to celebrate Earth Day!

Get outside
Make a bird feeder for your yard

Birds are essential to ecosystems. Making a bird feeder is a terrific way to feed birds and bring nature into your yard. Tracking the birds who visit your feeder daily is enjoyable, too. 

There are several design and setup possibilities that will attract local birds to your yard, depending on how inventive you are.

Build your garden

This is your chance to grow a green thumb, whether you want a daylong or afternoon activity.

From building a planter to establishing a garden to maintaining it, the gardening community will support you!

If establishing a garden is too much right now, you can still add life to your yard. Consider planting a tree! Trees are so vital that planting them in your community will benefit everyone. 

Show your plants some love and maybe share with friends

Terracotta pots are wonderful because they suit pretty much any room, and will elevate the look of your potted plants. Earth Day is a wonderful excuse to decorate pots with your friends and family.

If your plant game is strong and you’re feeling generous, share some plant love with family and friends. Promulgate your houseplants in decorated pots and give them away as gifts.

Start composting

Composting has numerous benefits. If you compost a lot of food waste, you can reduce your weekly garbage generation and save money. It also means you can make nutritious soil from food scraps without spending a fortune on fancy dirt!  

Composting is easier than you think. For Earth Day, compost with your family. For tips on how to do so, check out this article we wrote about how to kickstart your home composting.

Kick plastic to the curb
Invest in a reusable water bottle

Reducing plastic is one of the toughest personal tasks, but its impact is immense! For Earth Day, ban plastic water bottles from your home to help rescue our oceans! 

Steel water bottles are better for the environment and can keep their contents colder than plastic ones. 

Make the transition to reusable grocery bags

Plastic littering a beach or choking wildlife is sadly a familiar sight these days. Since plastic pollution harms humans, animals, and the environment, now is a good time to ban plastic bags.  

If you choose to switch to a canvas tote, a great Earth Day activity is to decorate it to create a personalized grocery store accessory.

Stop buying plastic ziplocks

Imagine what you could do with the money and time you saved by not buying a box of plastic baggies!

Instead of ziplocks, opt for a bag with fewer environmental impacts, like Stasher. Choose your hue and celebrate Earth Day with every use.

Volunteer or donate to a local environmental organization

Search online for a local environmental organization that resonates with you, then sign up to volunteer. If you don’t have the time to lend from your busy schedule, then consider donating!

Reduce waste around the house
Commit to water use reduction

This Earth Day, do more than simply switch off the faucet when brushing your teeth and between dishes

For example, shower timers are a low-risk, high-impact change. A 5-minute hourglass shower timer to keep track of time can make all the difference!

Go solar or light your home with eco-friendly bulbs

Ideally, you would install a solar array immediately if you have the resources.

However, if solar panels aren’t an option right now, consider using energy-efficient light bulbs instead. You save money, energy, and waste. Electricity-efficient light bulbs also last longer and consume less electricity.

This change can improve the environment without affecting your life. Why not go for it? LEDs work too! 

Calculate your carbon footprint

Calculating your carbon footprint might help you understand how many resources you utilize. Carbon emissions are tough, but every step helps! 

Carbonbase‘s platform offers a great tool to help you get started. Simply enter your living situation and eco-friendly habits, and they’ll offset the rest. 

Make the most of your recycling bin

What does it mean to maximize that recycling bin? It means learning and teaching your family about recyclables.

Maybe it’s time to produce an on-the-spot cheat sheet for trash disposal—a fantastic Earth Day art project! 

Get rid of junk mail

Most folks stop at the recycle bin or garbage can to mindlessly chuck their junk mail on their way back to their kitchen counter.

What if you asked those corporations to cease sending mail? Though reaching out isn’t as easy as hitting unsubscribe, going the extra mile is good for the environment and your sanity.

Get intentional with your routine
Get familiar with your local farmers’ market

Visit your local farmers’ market to discover what you can substitute at the grocery store. 

Go vegan?

Going vegan for Earth Day (if you aren’t vegan already) could be a fun challenge! If you appreciate a vegan alternative to meat and cheese, why not consume it on Earth Day and every day?

Put out a platter or vegan alternatives and let friends and family test out their food critic skills. 

Avoid reaching for the car keys

Take a moment to think before grabbing your car keys. 

Instead of generating carbon dioxide in a conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicle, plan ahead to carpool or walk, or bike. 

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