Today’s Solutions: June 13, 2024

close up of Black man's hands knitting

5 benefits of knitting and crocheting—Stitch your stress away

At The Optimist Daily, we’ve written about the benefits of various indoor hobbies like tackling a jigsaw puzzle or getting crafty with painting. However, if puzzles confound you and painting doesn’t call to you, then perhaps you can stitch your stress away instead by trying out knitting and Read More...

view from above of woman sorting through photography

Is journaling not your thing? Here are 3 alternatives

Cultivating a journaling habit has been proven to help deal with stressful times, boost creativity, and improve mental health in general. That said, some people just aren’t a fan of journaling—or, an individual’s appetite for journaling may change throughout their lives; perhaps as a child Read More...

The science of compassion: kin

The science of compassion: kindness is a fundamental human trait

Throughout his life, Thupten Jinpa (the Dalai Lama's primary English translator) has studied the connections between science and compassion. In his latest book, A Fearless Heart, Jinpa builds off a landmark lecture given at Stanford Medical School to explain how we can take a scientific approach Read More...