Today’s Solutions: May 29, 2024

Try using reflexology to treat

Try using reflexology to treat common discomforts and body pains

You hate the taste of medicine but you are having a bad headache and rushing to finish your work. What do you do? Well, rather than reaching for those over-the-counter painkillers, try considering reflexology, an alternative medicine practice of applying pressure to specific “reflex points” Read More...

Feeling stressed? These 3 prac

Feeling stressed? These 3 practices will help you let go

Too much stress can have terrible consequences on both your mental and physical health, but what we don’t often realize is that many of the things we stress about don’t deserve all that anguish. Instead of letting those things drive you crazy, sometimes it’s better to just let go of the Read More...

The spices of life

The spices of life

Is it time to trade that aspirin tablet for a teaspoon of turmeric? Kim Ridley| March 2008 issue By the middle of the afternoon, Ellen Ryan was out of steam. A community organizer in central Maine, Ryan says her energy crashed every afternoon. To get through the rest of the day, she’d grab a Read More...