Today’s Solutions: June 16, 2024

Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste.

How to cut down on your food waste

Cutting down on food waste helps the environment in a number of important ways. Most obviously, it saves the resources and energy that go into producing unneeded food at every step of the supply chain, from farming to packaging and shipping. Food that winds up rotting in landfills also produces Read More...

A list of charities offering s

A list of charities offering support and aid in Afghanistan

Watching the unrest and crisis in Afghanistan unfold this week has been devastating and leaves many of us asking, what can I do? These are some organizations offering direct aid and relief and now accepting donations and volunteers. International Rescue Committee This organization has been Read More...

Voluntourism resources

Voluntourism resources

Time to plan another vacation? This time, consider volunteerism. Here are several resources to get started. Ode Editors | November 2008 issue Books Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others (Volunteer Vacations)By Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins and Anne Geissinger Read More...