Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

Watching the unrest and crisis in Afghanistan unfold this week has been devastating and leaves many of us asking, what can I do? These are some organizations offering direct aid and relief and now accepting donations and volunteers.

International Rescue Committee

This organization has been helping on the ground in Afghanistan for three decades. Current donations are going towards meeting immediate needs including health care and emergency training.

United Nations Refugee Agency

Conflict in Afghanistan has already driven half a million people from their homes since the start of the year. Donations to this UN organization go directly towards helping displaced peoples and purchasing emergency food and shelter supplies.


This Afghanistan-focused NGO is based in the UK and using funds to buy emergency food and shelter supplies.


This Afghan startup is providing civilians with live security updates and using donations to scale up its technology.


This organization allows you to donate your unused airline miles to sponsor flights to safety for refugees.

Direct support 

This GoFundMe, set up by Afghan activist Samira Hamidi, is providing emergency financial assistance to those in need, distributed by local volunteers on the ground.

Women for Afghan Women

This organization is the largest women’s group in the country and is focusing on getting resources specific to women and girls at risk. They provide evacuation shelters, food, medical supplies, and critical informational updates.

Afghan Journalists Safety Committee

This organization is protecting journalists on the ground in Afghanistan to ensure the continuation of accurate and timely news about the developing situation. They provide safety for journalists with safe houses, supplies, and the support of independent news outlets.

Volunteer opportunity 

The State Department announced the expansion of refugee criteria for Afghans meaning an increase in refugee arrivals. The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is looking for volunteers to support Afghan refugees arriving in US cities with supplies, meals, and transportation. Learn more here. 

More information 

The AFG Diaspora Hub is a good resource for more information and a more comprehensive list of verified organizations accepting donations.

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