Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024
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Landscape on Mars. Scenic desert scene on the red planet in a 3D space illustration.

The strange sounds of Mars have been recorded for the first time

If you’ve ever wondered what Mars sounds like, then NASA’s Perseverance rover has answers for you! The robot landed on the Red Planet in early 2021 where it has been conducting experiments and collecting samples for scientists here on Earth to analyze. We’ve previously reported on its Read More...

NASA’s “Perseverance” ro

NASA’s “Perseverance” rover will still launch on time this summer

The new Mars rover, scheduled to launch in July, is most appropriately named “Perseverance.” Despite budget complications and the global COVID-19 pandemic, NASA is confident that the six-wheeled rover will still take off this summer.  According to division director Lori Glaze, the rover is Read More...

NASA is sending a rover to Mar

NASA is sending a rover to Mars to search for water underground

The possibility of life on Mars has intrigued scientists and citizens alike as the potential for water on the red planet keeps NASA searching its surface. This summer, NASA will launch its most elaborate rover yet to gather samples from the planet. The 2,260-pound rover will be searching for life Read More...