Today’s Solutions: July 24, 2024

Back view of young businessman in casual clothes and eyeglasses reading a book while lying on couch at home wearing blue shirt with glasses.

4 Tips for becoming a more ferocious reader

We've previously brought indoor hobbies that are great for your wellbeing such as puzzling and knitting to our readers attention. So this time we thought we would provide you with some motivation to get you going on another great activity to enrich your free time with, reading. From Bill Gates to Read More...

3 definitions that will help y

3 definitions that will help you define what “self-care” means for you

Personal wellness advocates often discuss the importance of “self-care,” but what exactly does self-care mean? The concept has been too often misused and commodified by the beauty and nutrition industries, so today we offer some alternative definitions of self-care that can help you narrow in Read More...