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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

Beautiful coral reef and fish.

AI exposes coral reefs “singing”

Coral reefs are essential to ocean ecosystems, providing food and homes to all sorts of organisms. Learning as much as possible about these living creatures is important to protect all the life in the vast seas. A team from the University of Exeter is doing just that, creating an algorithm to Read More...

Happy couple, woman wearing blue shirt, driving in car and girl singing song, enjoy tavel by auto

There are special regions for singing in the brain

Music is a magical thing. There are many proven benefits to the power of music, from its synchronizing power to create bonds with the people around you, to allowing autistic children to communicate their emotions, and even easing menopause. What's going on in our heads when we listen to music is Read More...

man in blue button up sings into a microphone while three friends dance behind him

How singing improves your mental health (regardless of whether you're in key)

Singing can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who don’t consider themselves very good singers, however, many won’t deny that when they do let loose and belt out a catchy song in the privacy of their car or shower, they feel a delicious release. While feeling shy or Read More...

Online choirs thrive amid lock

Online choirs thrive amid lockdown as uplifting community connections

Lockdown may have brought concerts and choir practice to a standstill, but in the face of isolation and adversity, people are turning to the power of song more than ever and virtual choirs are flourishing online. In the UK, for instance, more than 1,000 NHS staff members from across the country Read More...

New in the Netherlands: the si

New in the Netherlands: the singing bike path

Three quarters of the Dutch sing while riding their bikes. In Amsterdam singing is now officially allowed on two bicycle paths. No more awkward pauses in cyclist’s songs because they’re passing one another! As a daily cyclist and former amateur singer this news makes me very happy. And that is Read More...



The joy of making an unexpectedly beautiful sound together with friends. Brian Eno | October 2008 issue This is an article about singing. It’s about you singing. I’m writing this because I want to encourage you to sing. A few years ago my friend and I realized we both loved singing but Read More...