Skincare | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 2
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

This novel device developed by

This novel device developed by MIT grads could revolutionize dermatology

Seeking to deliver skincare treatments in a way that doesn’t involve needles or creams, two MIT grads started developing a device five years ago that delivers over the counter skincare actives by penetrating the skin with a fast-moving mist. Now, the recently launched technology holds promise to Read More...

Zero-waste eye-mask is both co

Zero-waste eye-mask is both compostable and plastic-free

Along with plastic pollution associated with their packaging, skincare products often contain chemical ingredients that can have a harmful effect on the environment. Seeking to offer an eco-friendly alternative, sustainable beauty brand Haeckels has developed a zero-waste product that solves the Read More...

Colorful foods with antioxidants

7 ways to support your skin from the inside out

Skincare isn’t just about what products you use to treat your skin externally. When you treat your skin from the inside, you give your skin long-lasting benefits. With that in mind, here are seven researched-backed tips to keep your skin healthy from the inside. Consume Read More...

These 11 lifestyle choices wil

These 11 lifestyle choices will help make your skin healthy and glowing

There are many lifestyle choices you can make that are far more important for the health of your skin than fancy skincare products. With that said, here are 11 un-bottled ways to takes care of your skin. Limit your time in the sun: An estimated 90 percent of skin aging is caused by the sun, Read More...