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Today’s Solutions: June 25, 2024

Wooden structure

This cultural center in Sweden makes a case for wooden skyscrapers

Back in 2019, we introduced you to the world’s tallest wooden building in Finland. Today, we’d like to take you across the border to Skelleftea, in Sweden, where wood is regaining popularity as the go-to material for new buildings. A few months ago, the Swedish town actually became home to the Read More...

This team of bird paramedics i

This team of bird paramedics is saving migratory species in New York City

Large skyscrapers pose a dangerous threat to migratory birds who often cannot see directly in front of them while flying. In large urban areas, like New York City, thousands of birds collide with skyscrapers each year, but the bird paramedics of New York are here to help.  About 30 volunteers Read More...

8 incredible ways to use wood

8 incredible ways to use wood you probably didn’t know about

From furniture to building parts, wood is so ubiquitous that we often take it for granted. However, this commonplace material has been used for millennia and plays a crucial role in our journey to achieve a circular economy. In fact, this versatile material can now be found in a variety of everyday Read More...

Your office windows could soon

Your office windows could soon harvest solar energy

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all those windows on high-rise buildings could be used to harvest the sun’s energy for electricity? Of course, it would, and now, thanks to engineers in South Korea, this image could very soon become reality. The researchers have managed to develop a new method of Read More...