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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

This portable sensor device ca

This portable sensor device can help farmers keep their crops healthy

Smart farming techniques are key to tackling growing food insecurity through sustainable farming practices. This entails the rapid development of advanced technologies that can enable farmers to give their plants (or animals) the precise treatment they need. A new tool from scientists at Read More...

Giant robot in Arizona hunts f

Giant robot in Arizona hunts for crops that thrive in hot climates

On the farmlands of Arizona, the world’s largest farming robot is being rolled out to help secure the future of food. The robot, which is called the Field Scanalyzer, looks a bit like a bridge at first glance, spanning from one side of the crop field to the other. With this vantage point over Read More...

Meet the new (green) power cou

Meet the new (green) power couple: Solar Panels + Arid Farms

Renewable energy and sustainable food production are both in high demand as we move into a future of changing climate and growing population. But how do we allocate space for solar energy production and farmland when they both demand similar geographic conditions? Agrivoltaics, the process of Read More...