Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024
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Germany crushes solar power re

Germany crushes solar power record thanks to smog-free skies

As Europe halts daily life in the fight against coronavirus, the skies above have become as crisp and clean as ever. And not only does that allow for a fresh breath of air, but it also allows solar panels to produce maximum power. In Germany, solar panels produced record amounts of electricity, Read More...

A design firm in LA is creatin

A design firm in LA is creating bioplastics that absorb smog

Plastic pollution is one of the worst symptoms of our times. That’s why we’re not shy to publish stories that explore eco-friendly alternatives to the petroleum-based plastics we use every day. And while we have written about bioplastics that are compostable or that are made from waste streams Read More...

Clean air regulations save Ame

Clean air regulations save Americans more money than you can imagine

Believe it or not, smog in US cities used to be a lot worse. In fact, at the height of the Second World War, residents of Los Angeles thought they were under a chemical gas attack. People in the downtown area experienced stinging eyes, streaming noses, and rasping throats, all due to a haze of Read More...