Today’s Solutions: May 31, 2023

Summer 2014

Meeting the guru

From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Author of international bestsellers, including The Pilgrimage and The Alchemist. I met Mick Brown at Frankfurt airport. He works as a journalist on The Daily Telegraph in London and had been sent to interview me during a … [Read more...] about Meeting the guru

Back to nature

From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 For most of my life, I have enjoyed taking long walks by myself in the woods and fields. When I was a young girl, these walks might have lasted a couple of hours. We lived in the Berkshire foothills, so the woods were hilly and full of … [Read more...] about Back to nature

On the road

Books that Inspire From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 A Philosophy of Walking | Frédéric Gros |Verso Books The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was a great, indefatigable walker, whose hikes were long and sometimes steep. Immanuel Kant’s daily walk, by contrast, was … [Read more...] about On the road

Inspiration: Products

Products that Inspire From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Super sunscreen  When Holly Thaggards’ friend was diagnosed with melanoma eight years ago, she was surprised that someone so young and healthy could get skin cancer. And not much later, she learned that 90 percent of … [Read more...] about Inspiration: Products

In good company

Inspiration From The Optimist Magazine Summer 2014 Is there room for idealists inside Fortune 500 companies? Christine Bader’s book The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil chronicles the time she spent with BP, and what it was like to be a corporate idealist in … [Read more...] about In good company