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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Gray fox in tree

More trees may save gray foxes from coyotes

The Optimist Daily has recently written a great deal on the need to coexist with animals, respecting animal agency and the potential to reach a new symbiosis with our furry neighbors on the planet. This brings into our consideration how to adapt our own human environments to better suit the habits Read More...

Beautiful sunset in Nepal's Chitwan National Park

Nepal opens its first bird sanctuary in a win for endangered species

Good news for endangered bird species around the world as Nepal has just opened the first official bird sanctuary in the country.The protected area is home to about a dozen bird species, including the great hornbill and the Indian spotted eagle. These bird species are globally threatened. In a bid Read More...

Koala huggin a eucalyptus branch

Australia will invest a record $35 million to protect its koala population

One of the world’s most iconic animal species, koalas, have suffered significantly in recent years. Since 2018, Australia’s koala populations have declined by 30 percent due to bushfires, drought, and habitat loss. Thankfully, efforts are underway to reverse that trend and help the marsupial Read More...

glossy black cockatoo preening

Documenting glossy black cockatoos return after bushfires

After enduring a few years of summer bushfires, particularly between 2019 and 2020, the glossy black cockatoo (or “glossies”) population in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales is struggling. To help bolster the threatened bird species’ chances of survival, the state government launched Read More...

New Zealand city closes busy r

New Zealand city closes busy road for weeks to let sea lions nest safely

The harbor city of Dunedin in New Zealand regularly shuts down roads during the summer months to allow safe passage to wildlife. These closures typically last no longer than one or two days at a time. This year though, the city council decided to close a popular road for an entire month in order Read More...

This Buddhist temple in Myanma

This Buddhist temple in Myanmar offers refuge to threatened snakes

Pythons, vipers, and cobras — these are some of the main occupants being offered a safe haven at a temple sanctuary in Myanmar’s city of Yangon. The host and caretaker is Buddhist monk Wilatha, who’s trying to play a part in saving scores of snakes that might otherwise be killed or sold on Read More...