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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

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How to boost your confidence as an introvert

Being introverted doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a shy person. Rather, it means you feel energized and recharged when you spend time alone. And while not every introvert struggles with confidence issues, many do, which can hold them back from various opportunities. If you’re an introvert who Read More...

The Optimist Daily guide to

The Optimist Daily guide to “Un-LANGUISHING”: Ideas on how to reconnect to thriving

“By acknowledging that so many of us are languishing, we can start giving voice to quiet despair and lighting a path out of the void.” - Adam Grant BY Kristy Jansen and Summers McKay This year, big, audacious, expansive resolutions seem a bit on the absurd side. Nearly the entire first week Read More...

6 ways to thrive when everythi

6 ways to thrive when everything feels negative

You have probably noticed that when you’re in a negative mood, it hinders your ability to focus and makes it painfully difficult to be helpful to others. Fortunately, there is a productive way to counter those effects. It’s called thriving — the psychological state in which people experience Read More...