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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Middle age sportswoman health care holding heart at the park

Discovery of immune protein points to new heart disease treatment

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and yet treatments remain remarkably limited. Aside from statins to lower cholesterol levels, most interventions are indirect, such as preventing diabetes and high blood pressure or improving diet and exercise. A new study led by Read More...

Close up to blue plastic pipe background, PVC pipes stacked in warehouse

Ingenious chemical process turns non-recyclable PVC into useful materials

Chemical advances continue to bring new materials into the domain of recyclability, and new research from a team at the University of Michigan has targeted one of the most difficult to reuse. The researchers created a method for transforming scrap PVC (polyvinyl chloride) into useable items, which Read More...

Scientists wear blue gloves hold the molecular structure model will provide 3D arrangement of the atoms at chemistry laboratory for drug design.

Infrared light can discern the safety of "twisted" drugs

Did you know that molecules twist? Certain drugs and supplements indicate which way the molecules in the product twist, with an L or a D before the names, indicating either a twist clockwise or counterclockwise. There is usually a specific kind of twist the human body wants depending on the Read More...

Teens with a camera at the beach

Teen drug use significantly decreased during the pandemic

We will see the impacts of the pandemic on kids for years to come, but according to researchers from the University of Michigan, the pandemic did positively impact drug use among teens. According to their survey, the percentage of youth who used an illicit drug other than marijuana decreased by a Read More...

More efficient clear solar pan

More efficient clear solar panels could mean solar windows for all

Solar panels placed on buildings do a great job of generating green energy for the structure, but imagine if every window in the building could absorb solar energy? This is the vision of researchers at the University of Michigan who are working to increase the efficiency of clear solar Read More...

Research shows a daily “natu

Research shows a daily “nature pill” can reduce stress levels

We at The Optimist Daily are big proponents of the healing nature of the outdoors. While exploring local natural spaces may not be as feasible now as it once was, you should still try to get outside every day. A new study has found that just 20 minutes outdoors can lower your stress levels. The Read More...