Today’s Solutions: May 24, 2024

Lab Mice

New immunotherapy drug combo slows liver cancer growth in mice

There is something of an art to the science of medicine. We’ve all heard that everyone’s different, and so is their biology. Sometimes, developing the right treatment for a patient’s condition takes dedicated and creative trial and error with their doctor, and finding the right combination of Read More...

Research: For children with au

Research: For children with autism, a cat can be the perfect companion

Cats can be loving and playful companions for anyone, but for children with autism, a new study suggests a cat can reduce separation anxiety and increase empathy. Researchers from the University of Missouri studied children with autism aged 6 to 14 after they adopted a cat into their family with Read More...

New kitchen coating prevents f

New kitchen coating prevents food poisoning

Cross-contamination from kitchen equipment like cutting boards and knives is a big hot spot for the spread of foodborne illnesses. Now, a team from the University of Missouri has created a coating that could prevent germs like Salmonella and E. coli from occupying kitchen surfaces.  The coating Read More...