Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024

NASA engineers use their incre

NASA engineers use their incredible engineering capacity to build ventilator

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is typically busy with building spacecraft. But due to the increasing shortage of ventilators in hospitals, in the last month, the engineering lab has shifted in high gears to make the best use of its scientific capacity to develop the life-saving medical Read More...

Particle physicists develop ne

Particle physicists develop new ventilator to help critical COVID-19 cases

While normally concerned with studying the fundamental particles of the universe and the laws of nature, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (also known as CERN) has now put its physicists to the task of developing a ventilator for patients suffering mild cases of coronavirus. CERN is Read More...

Energy company turns its produ

Energy company turns its production line towards refurbishing old ventilators

Billionaires aren't the only ones stepping up to help with the needed medical equipment, take Bloom Energy, a fuel cell company that brings old ventilators back into service--all while continuing to manufacture fuel cells that power supermarkets and hospitals. Two weeks ago, the governor of Read More...