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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

baby humpback whale looks into camera

Humpback whales may sing their beautiful songs to "see"

Have you ever been so fortunate as to have heard the long and complex song of a humpback whale? Marine biologists have long thought that these hauntingly beautiful songs, which are only sung by male whales, function like mating calls. However, it turns out that the whales may break out into song Read More...

Humpback whales

Humpback whales share songs from different regions

Humans aren’t the only species that trade music and songs. Other intelligent animals can communicate complicated messages, like ravens and ants relaying to each other that there’s food or danger and where to find it. As it turns out, though, some species can also communicate, and share like Read More...

The singing of the world’s r

The singing of the world’s rarest whales has been recorded for the first time

The North Pacific right whale is one of the rarest whales on the planet. In fact, these slow-moving whales were nearly wiped out due to intensive whaling, with only about 30 of these precious animals remaining. That’s why it’s wonderful news that marine biologists have recorded singing by one Read More...