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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

The “Butterfly Effect

The "Butterfly Effect" is designed to help insects cross roads safely

Most drivers have had the unpleasant experience of witnessing an insect or two splat against your windshield while you’re driving down the highway. Well, as unpleasant as it may be for those of us behind the wheel, it is undoubtedly more unpleasant for the bug. Dutch design studio VenhoevenCS, Read More...

The Bison Bridge – World

The Bison Bridge - World's longest human-made wildlife crossing

Chad Pregracke is an impassioned conservationist who spends his time on barges, cleaning up refuse from the Mississippi River. While on the river, he watches cars drive across a 55-year-old concrete bridge that is meant to be demolished and replaced—but when he sees the aging bridge, he imagines Read More...

The largest wildlife bridge in

The largest wildlife bridge in America has just opened in San Antonio

In recent months, we’ve shared a couple of stories about highway crossings for wildlife in the US. The first came in October when it was announced that a giant wildlife bridge would be built in the Los Angeles area to help mountain lions and other native animals cross over the US 101 freeway. Read More...

Animals in Utah find safe pass

Animals in Utah find safe passage on wildlife overpass

Last month, we wrote about an animal crossing bridge in Los Angeles that will soon be built to help wildlife such as mountain lions safely cross over the US 101 freeway, which cuts through their habitat. Although we won't get to see the finished product until 2021, we can get a sense of how it will Read More...