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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

3 ways to make new friends whi

3 ways to make new friends while working remotely

For all the comfort that working remotely might offer, there’s one crucial aspect of spending time with others in-person is proving difficult to replace: friendship. In an 18-month study of a Fortune 500 technology firm with a remote workforce, researchers found that virtual teammates faced Read More...

5 healthy habits we can take w

5 healthy habits we can take with us into post-pandemic life

Working from home, no social contact, and limited shopping have all made us think about how we need to do things differently. If you weren’t an online shopper before, you’ve had to learn. If you’ve never asked for help, this is a time where it’s perfectly normal to reach out to others – Read More...

These expert tips will you per

These expert tips will you perfect the art of brainstorming remotely

The beauty of brainstorming is that you can feed off each other’s energy and ideas to spark creativity. But now that many of us are working from home, brainstorming is moving to the virtual realms. And while that may not seem as exciting, there are tips and tools you can use to make virtual Read More...