Homeopathy's new frontiers

Kim Ridley | Jan/Feb 2006 issue

Homeopaths have developed remedies over the past 200 years using everything from table salt to snake venom. Their catalogue of healing substances is vast and still growing. Expanding the frontiers of the field is Dutch homeopath Jan Scholten, who many say is leading its next revolution with his groundbreaking work on minerals and elements.

Scholten is investigating the building blocks of the universe itself as he searches for patterns of healing power in the periodic table of the elements. While homeopaths have used remedies made from gold, silver and a few other elements for many years, Scholten says the potential healing properties of most elements remain unexplored.

In his view, the periodic table is much more than a handy organizational chart of the elements; it’s also a map of the life path of human beings. “It begins with hydrogen, which is conception, and ends with remedies like uranium, which is the end of life,” Scholten says. The potential therapeutic benefits of elements, arranged in order of increasing atomic weight, can be explored in their relationship to each other based on their location in the table.

Scholten is president of Stichting Alonnissos in Utrecht, the Netherlands. While his theories and methods are controversial within the homeopathic community, many say his work enables homeopaths to think in new ways and prescribe remedies with greater precision.

The author of Homeopathy and Minerals and Homeopathy and the Elements, Scholten is about to publish a new book on using homeopathic preparations of the Lanthanides, a group of 15 rare earth elements, to treat autoimmune disease. He acknowledges the boundary-pushing nature of his work. Says Scholten: “I see myself as a discoverer going into an unknown land and making maps of it.”

More information: www.alonnissos.org

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