Ruth Camargo: Finding beauty in service

Jaime Jaramillo, who works with street children in Colombia, says Ruth Camargo is one former street child who is inspiring others in her community.

Jaime Jaramillo | Jan/Feb 2009 issue

Ruth Camargo, Bogotá, Columbia

Photo: Firstline Schools, Inc.

When I met Ruth Camargo, she was living in the pestilent sewers below Bogotá, surrounded by human excrement and rats. Her body had been devoured by fire, melting her face, her nose and one of her arms. She was on the verge of committing suicide. But in spite of her multiple burns and desperation, the fire hadn’t been able to consume Ruth’s heart.
When Ruth finally was able to see the sparkles of light emanating from her heart, she awakened and began to live from within, replacing her negative thoughts with positive ones. She has a successful career, found the love of her life and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has concentrated all her energy on being thankful, appreciating what she has instead of dwelling on what she has lost. “I have only one hand, to give and to serve others,” she says, “a heart to feel love and compassion, and eyes to see and to appreciate the small and simple things that God and life bring to me every day.” Her testimony has reached millions of hearts throughout the world, inspiring people to understand that the most important thing in life is to find the inner peace and love that lies within their own hearts.

Ruth Camargo was nominated as one of
Ode’s top 25 Intelligent Optimists by Jaime Jaramillo.
Jaime Jaramillofounder of Ninos de los Andes, which aims to protect street children in Columbia

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