Today’s Solutions: June 10, 2023

Following the monumental overturning of Roe V. Wade by the US Supreme Court, residents of many states are facing the reality that they won’t be able to access a safe abortion in their hometown. 

Many cities and states are bracing for the sudden influx of people seeking a safe procedure. These are called sanctuary cities and states, and some of them have set aside funds to cover the travel costs of those coming in. The majority of those in need, though, will still have to pay out of pocket. 

Major companies, though, are stepping up and pledging to cover their employees’ travel costs for safe abortions. 

Disney, JP Morgan, and Meta are among the big names that have stood by the right to safe contraception and family planning

Since the ruling, a growing number of companies have confirmed that they will cover travel costs via their company health care providers. 

Disney said in a statement that it was committed to providing its employees with “comprehensive access… no matter where they live.” This will be welcome news to the 80,000 Disney employees living in Florida, where abortion is expected to be made illegal. 

Banking giant JP Morgan said it was committed to helping its employees access safe “legal abortions” and that it would cover their travel costs starting July 1st. 

“We’re focused on the health and well-being of our employees, and want to ensure equitable access to all benefits,” a bank spokeswoman said to Reuters on Friday.

Other companies include Vogue publisher Conde Nast, jeans brand Levi Strauss, and ride-hailing companies Lyft and Uber.

Companies like Amazon, Yelp, and Citigroup had already committed to supporting their employees by reimbursing them for travel before the Supreme Court made its ruling. Hopefully, the list of supportive companies will continue to grow, and a sufficient network will be built for women in need. 

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