Today’s Solutions: March 29, 2023

This year, the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee in collaboration with NFL Green is working together to make this year’s Super Bowl as sustainable as possible. According to the Super Bowl Host Committee website, the team has been partnering with “local community organizations, parks, and recreation departments to plant trees and contribute to green spaces.” 

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds, but luckily, those of us watching the game from home with friends and family can do our part to host greener Super Bowl celebrations, too.

Continue reading for a few tips on how to achieve a more sustainable Super Bowl party.

Make it a potluck

Even though ordering takeout is easier, a potluck is more environmentally friendly and also more fun! If you want to save on wasteful takeout packaging, have your pals bring their favorite foods instead. (Another plus? You’ll save some cash.)

Don’t waste leftovers

Before your visitors leave, gauge the food situation. Send partygoers home with some leftover snacks if you’re left with more than you can eat, and the rest, if it can be frozen, can be eaten during the week.

Encourage guests to carpool

Request that your guests drive together or share an Uber, (especially if they plan on drinking). This not only keeps everyone safe but also reduces pre-party emissions. If your friends can walk, bike, or take public transportation, then that’s even better!


The end of plenty of Super Bowl parties is marked by a gargantuan pile of empty beer bottles and cans. Be sure you and your guests are prepared to properly dispose of them by pointing out where they can find recycling bins. Encourage everyone at the party to recycle as much as possible to reduce trash.

DIY decorations

Instead of purchasing one-time-use party décor, try to make your own! You most likely already have everything you require at home. For instance, you can use white tape to transform your table into a football pitch; no extra tablecloth is required. Or if that idea doesn’t tickle your fancy, browse through Pinterest for clever DIY football decor and make your party your own!

Support a local brewery

Local beers will have lower carbon footprints because they were not transported large distances by vehicle or plane. Many small breweries use sustainable practices in their day-to-day operations, which makes you feel even better about supporting them.

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