Madieng Seck: Moving Slow Food in Senegal

Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food International nominated Madieng Seck because of his passion for Senegalese agriculture and the local food movement.

Carlo Petrini | Jan/Feb 2009 issue

Madieng Seck, Member, Slow Food. Dakar, Senegal

Photo: Veila Lucidi

Several years ago, Madieng Seck decided to abandon his work as a press officer and devote himself to Senegalese agricultural issues. While considering this change, he was swept away by the first edition of Terra Madre, the bi-annual international meeting of food producers in support of biodiversity, sustainable agriculture and fishing. He realized the ideas put forward by the Slow Food movement were in perfect agreement with his own and decided to boost his efforts to support local products by promoting the Slow Food cause. Three “convivia”—local departments of the international movement—were rapidly created: one in Dakar, one for local cereals and one for members of the 51 fishing communities along the Senegalese coast belonging to Fenagie-Pêche, an association that coordinates small fishing communities. Finally, Seck secured the involvement of Bineta Diallo, a chef who owns a Dakar restaurant dedicated to local traditional cuisine. The restaurant, Point d’Interrogation 2, serves animals raised by small inland farmers and couscous made from fonio, millet and corn. Seck and Diallo have promoted a food education project in schools for 12- to 16-year-olds with the name “Mangeons Local” (“let’s eat local”). The first lessons were held last March, and the model is going to be used by other schools.

Madieng Seck was nominated as one of
Ode’s top 25 Intelligent Optimists by Carlo Petrini.
Carlo Petrinifounder and president of Slow Food International

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