Today’s Solutions: August 15, 2022

Jill Starishevsky  | May/June 2012 Issue
I enthusiastically nominate Joe Witte, who founded the small business MycroBurst together with Zaheer Dodhia. MycroBurst is a competitive, crowdsourcing graphic-design service with prize money, put up by the clients, for the winning designers. But for a number of charities, MycroBurst’s designers donate their services, and great things have resulted. In April, which was Child Abuse Prevention Month, MycroBurst generously donated its services to the committee planning The Innocence Revolution, which is a Global Day to End Child Sexual Abuse slated for April 2013.
As a committee member and a prosecutor of child abuse and sex crimes in New York City, I would like to say that MycroBurst worked with us to build a unified global message for our movement and finally reach beyond the acceptance of child sexual abuse to honoring children, giving them their voice and creating a world free from child sexual abuse. The generosity of MycroBurst, and the artistic contributions it made to this event, made a lasting impact on each and every member of our organization. MycroBurst’s people were solicitous and supportive and were enthusiastic partners who embraced the cause and enabled us to create a logo that uniquely conveys our message. The philanthropy and dedication MycroBurst displays are emblematic of how a small business can make a big difference.
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