Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021


  • NAME: Marc M.
  • FROM: Santa Barbara, CA by way Richland, WA
  • AGE: 77
  • OCCUPATION / PASSION: Environmental Leader, Lawyer and Educator / Passion: In love with the Earth
  • WHY DID YOU BECOME AN OPTIMIST EMISSARY? In order to join in the important work of the World Business Academy in providing positive and uplifting news to citizens who are working together to make the needed shift to a society and economy based upon environmentally sustainable principles and practices.


  • What Inspires Your Optimism? My essential practice is grounded in abiding gratitude for the opportunity to be an Earthling alive on the planet “just in time” to participate in the evolutionary and spiritual progression of the human species as a member, not master, of the other-the-human communities of life here. Optimism naturally arises within me when I am in gratitude and humility. We are blessed with the opportunity to choose who and how to be. Optimism bolsters courage, and it is courage that is most needed now. Hope is not always required in our work, and mere hope without hard work is to be avoided.
  • Favorite Optimist Daily Solutions? Each day that I read and ponder the Optimist Daily Solutions my choice of favorites among them changes, and for this abundance I am grateful. Yes, we are facing many daunting challenges, and yet our opportunities to make the changes that are needed are plentiful and— if we work mightily together—can suffice to turn the tide.
  • Favorite Optimistic Quote/ Book/ Film:“I really don’t know what is going to happen in the future, and neither does anyone else. I do know that it is only in the present that anything ever really happens, and I do know that I can come to presence in the moment, right now—and now and now and now, again and again and again—in order to make things happen.”


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