Today’s Solutions: June 26, 2022

There is a wonderful but largely overlooked approach to averting the worst case scenario of climate change while defending the living world: natural climate solutions. By defending, restoring, and re-establishing sea beds and other crucial ecosystems, large amounts of carbon can be removed from the air and stored. At the same time, the protection and restoration of these ecosystems can help minimize the extinction of our species, while enhancing local people’s resilience against climate disaster. Such an approach should not be used as a substitute for the rapid and comprehensive decarbonization of industrial economies, but employed side-by-side with other currently developing solutions, such as carbon capture technologies. We know that turning to nature for help in our fight against a global environmental disaster can be a game changer. Now it’s up to more governments to pay more attention to the potential of natural climate solutions by supporting them through funding and political support.

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