Today’s Solutions: July 06, 2022

Patagonia is not your typical outdoor gear retailer. This privately-owned company does not shy away from opportunities to take a political stance, to mount counterintuitive advertising campaigns, and to seek more sustainable ways of doing business. So, really, we shouldn’t be all that surprised that it has made a foray into the food world, of all things, and has even started brewing beer! Two years ago it launched its first beer, Long Root Pale Ale, too much fanfare. This week, the second in that series was released, an organic Belgian-style beer called Long Root Wit. What makes these beers unique is that they’re both made from kernza, a perennial grain that is grown using regenerative agriculture practices and creates much fewer emissions than the cultivation of wheat. To make beer with kernza, Patagonia has been working with the Land Institute in Kansas to cultivate it and with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland to transform it into a beer that it hopes can be a model for the industry. The only downside of the beer: it’s served in an aluminum can, rather than a reusable glass bottle.

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