Off the coast of Japan, Panama, Italy, Spain, and Florida, it is possible to find a special species of jellyfish the size of your pinky nail… if you look closely. The species is known as Turritopsis dohrnii, and scientists who have studied it closely believe it can live forever. How? In a process called transdifferentiation, these jellyfish can transform dying adult cells into new healthy cells, effectively regenerating their entire body and then continuing their lifecycle. Only a handful of scientists study how the jellyfish does this since the species is difficult to capture and keep in a lab. Those who have though, have come to find out that the jellyfish may hold the key in treating a number of neurodegenerative diseases—like Parkinson’s—by replacing lost or damaged neurons in the brain. Crazy, right? If you’re curious to know more about the “immortal” jellyfish, you should definitely check out this video.