Today’s Solutions: February 06, 2023

If you ever dreamed of having a little off-the-grid house in the woods, then you have to see these tiny prefab homes from a startup by the name of PassiveDom. These beautiful little homes feature big glass windows and rooftop solar panels that power both the heating and cooling systems of the home. That’s nice and all, but the coolest part of the house is a system that generates water from moisture in the outdoor air—making it unnecessary to connect to a city water supply.

On top of that, the bathroom uses a shower system that cleans and recycles water, making it one of the first homes in America to use such a system. At the moment, a large 3D printer in Nevada is printing pieces off these tiny homes, which will go to early beta customers in Arizona this year. The final version of the homes will hit the market in 2020.

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