Today’s Solutions: July 01, 2022

By now we’re all aware that the aviation industry is responsible for a hefty contribution to global carbon emissions. That’s why the need for more efficient flying technology is more important than ever.

At the Paris Air Show, an exhibition dedicated to the future of air travel, major players in the industry just revealed new technological innovations that show a lot of promise in cleaning up the industry. One of the major points of interest from the show was the hybrid engine, which airlines say could lead to 30 percent fuel savings, which would make air travel cheaper and more eco-friendly.

Small electric airplanes are already on the market these days, but at the Paris Air Show, the very first full-size, all-electric aircraft was unveiled. The aircraft, which was designed by the Israel-based Alice, can fly up to 650 miles without producing any emissions, potentially making it the world’s most eco-friendly city-hopper. Alice also claims it will have 70% fewer running costs than conventional jets, thanks to a propulsion system that relies on three electric motors and a 3,500kg battery.

Should you be curious about the new technologies that were showcased at the Paris Air Show, take a look right here.

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