Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

One of the simplest ways you can boost your gut health and give yourself more natural energy throughout the day is by incorporating more seeds into your diet. Seeds are “little bundles of energy, protein and nutrients” that can be sprinkled, crushed, or pureed into tasty spreads to deliver tons of healthy benefits. If you want to benefit from the power of seeds, here are 8 seeds to start incorporating into your diet.

Starting off this list is chia seeds. These tiny seeds are a great plant source of omega-3 essential fatty acids and the mineral calcium. Should you start eating more chia seeds, make sure to drink plenty of water with chia since the seeds absorb liquid and may increase constipation if you’re even just mildly dehydrated.

Next up we have pepitas (pumpkin seeds), which are a great source of heart-healthy fats, magnesium, and phosphorus. On top of that, they’re also rich in protein.

Flax seeds are also a great source of essential fatty acids. Just remember that you need to grind whole flax seeds in order to reap the benefits.

Hulled hemp seeds have a delicate, nutty flavor that is a great addition to almost anything and can help prevent many chronic diseases, such as heart disease and osteoarthritis.

Fifth on our list is watermelon seeds. Simply put, these seeds are protein bombs.

Then we have sesame seeds, which is a great source of iron, something that many of us could use more of. One of the best ways to get your dose of sesame is through tahini, which is used in traditional hummus and baba ghanoush.

Number seven: sunflower seeds. A favorite of baseball players, sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

And rounding up our list we have the seeds of common spices such as fennel, cumin, and mustard. Adding just a few of these seeds to your culinary repertoire can give you a giant dose of minerals, unsaturated fats, and protein.

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