This week we’re giving a lot of attention to the bee, one of nature’s most important creatures. Why? Because bee populations have been plummeting, and we must do everything in our power to save them. Since bees pollinate almost every major crop, we’d lose one-third of our food sources if bees were to no longer exist—not to mention a whole lot of beautiful flowers. That’s why us over here at the Optimist Daily will be presenting solutions and other must-know information about the bee. And the first solution starts with you.

There are a few things we all can do to save the bees. One big threat to bees is lack of habitual space. To solve this problem, you can plant a bee garden. These spaces can be small such as on balconies and street corners. Even planting flowers in patches makes a big difference! But avoid planting hybrid flowers which don’t produce a lot of pollen. Another way to save the bees is by opting for organic pesticide products instead of harmful pesticides in your garden.

Joining tree-planting parties is a great way to protect bees because they receive most of their nectar from trees. Deforestation has upset this, but planting more trees can help remedy the issue. Bee baths are another important element for bees. Simply filling a small bowl with water and placing pebbles in it for bees to land on and sip water is a great way for them to recharge after pollinating. Adding a bit of sugar to the water mixture can provide them with some energy too!

Placing a beehive in your backyard also supports bees. But if owning your own beehive is not a feasible option for you, you can always donate one to your local beekeeper. The Honeybee Conservancy installs hives across the United States if you’d like to visit their website and learn more about sponsoring a hive!

If you want to take your advocacy even farther, become a bee ambassador! Raise funds by selling muffins, asking for donations instead of birthday gifts, and spreading the word through social media are great ways to bee an ambassador.

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