Scientists are asking the public what we should do if aliens contact us

What should humanity do if we were contacted by aliens? No, seriously, what should humanity do? This is the question UK scientists are asking to the public after the UK Seti Research Network (UKSRN) came to the conclusion that the average person should have a say in how Earth responds should aliens every decide to say “hello” to humanity.

Currently, there is no procedure “shrined in international law on how to respond to a signal from an alien civilization.” That’s why the group has put together a survey, which is supposed to be the biggest of its kind, that the public can answer. The survey includes questions such as “Do you think that it is worth searching for extra-terrestrial intelligence?” and “Some people think we should send messages into space even if we don’t receive a message first. What is your opinion?”

It also includes questions focused on the best way for experts to share information on alien contact with the public, asking respondents who they would consider a “credible source” — an important line of questioning if we don’t want the public to dismiss real contact with aliens as fake news.

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