Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

With the start of fall semester right around the corner, college students may soon be facing an awful enemy: burnout. Burnout is that feeling of defeat, the “there’s no point in doing this anymore” and “my life is going nowhere”. 

While college can be the best days of someone’s life and will leave students with valuable degrees, burnout can be very hard to beat. Here are five tips to help students manage school stress and avoid negative feelings:

  1. Understand why you are in college. Do you love what you study? Do you have a dream job? Intrinsic motivation will help students keep pushing forward even when the textbooks and exams are holding them back.
  2. Stay organized! Use to-do lists, assignment books, and course syllabi to track your progress. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for even small accomplishments.
  3. Instead of cramming and sleeping in the library, do a little bit every day. Spreading out study time can help you better learn and maximize your time.
  4. Breaks are good, I promise. Even if it feels like you should just keep going, that will not be productive. Eating, exercising, and simply breathing will help you stay on track and maintain focus.
  5. The end is in sight, and it looks great. Leaving college with a degree will give you the life for which you’ve been working. You will gain invaluable skills and memories to last a lifetime.
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