Today’s Solutions: May 21, 2022

It is easy to dwell on the negative experiences in our lives. Maybe you failed a test, ended a relationship, or forgot an important deadline. Whatever the situation may be, it is only truly a failure if we fail to learn from the experience. 

Carrying the wisdom gained from something that bombed or a major mistake we made, requires a shift in how we think about it.  By developing a learning mindset and seeking out important lessons and takeaways from all situations, even undesirable ones, we can transform even the worst days into teachable moments. Whether at home, in the workplace, or in your personal life, there will always be situations that do not work out as planned. It is essential to forgive yourself for any mistakes, investigate where you went wrong, and invite in new understandings in order to move forward.

Read the full news solutions article from Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D. on PsychAlive to learn more about cultivating a learning mindset and getting the most out of those terrible, no good, awful days.

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