Today’s Solutions: July 04, 2022

Research into the mind-melding effects of psychedelics is becoming respectable again within the medical community, as therapeutic applications are being discovered. In addition to treating depression, PTSD, and other psychological disorders, tripping on magic mushrooms might serve another purpose – making users more environmentally friendly. 

Researchers from Yale University and John Hopkins have found that the use of psychedelics results in “ego dissolution” and increases feelings of cohesion with the natural world around us. 

Historically psychedelics have been closely associated with the natural world and the modern environmental movement, but new scientific evidence exists to suggest psychedelics increase “synaptic plasticity” allowing people the flexibility to change their beliefs and preconceptions about the importance of the natural world. 

Ultimately, this heightened environmental awareness stems from increased awareness and respect for the natural world which researchers note can also be achieved from increased time outdoors, especially in childhood. 

So could tripping on mushrooms save the world? Perhaps if experienced under the right guidelines, psychedelics might help connect us all to nature and to each other more than one might think. 

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