Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2022

Climate change is a daunting challenge, so it can feel tricky for the average person to make an impact. However, a new company, Now, is hoping to give people a platform to contribute to slowing climate change by going to the source of carbon absorption: trees. What makes the company stand out from other reforestation initiatives? It uses drones. Individuals can contribute money which is used for drones to drop seed pods in viable areas. 

Working with reforestation non-profits and climate research, the company has identified areas optimal for increased tree populations and ensures it is planting native species which will work cohesively with ecosystems. Jessica Jones, one of the cofounders says, “When you plant the species that should be in that area, they continually feed each other, and then they grow on from there.”

The company’s end goal is to contribute to planting the trillion trees needed to absorb all the carbon humans have emitted since the Industrial Revolution. This innovative new technique for reforestation is the type of innovation needed for climate change, and the company’s platform allows anyone and everyone to get involved and passionate about reforestation. If you’re looking for a place to start in the fight against climate change, planting a tree is a good one.

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