Today’s Solutions: May 22, 2022

Did you know our car vents don’t fully protect us from the gaseous emissions in our surroundings? This evidently becomes an issue if you are sitting in traffic during rush-hour, as breathing in these pollutants for an extended period of time can inflict damage on our lungs and heart. 

If you’re wondering what you can do to emission-proof your car, we have a couple of simple solutions for you.

You can start by finding high-quality cabin air filters online or at auto parts stores. The installation is super simple to install.  One tip to have in mind: make sure that the filter you buy has an activated carbon (a.k.a “charcoal”) which can remove almost any noxious gases entering your vehicle. 

Your car probably has an “air recirculation” function next to your A.C. system as well. It is proven that this function is also really effective at keeping emissions out of your car, yet it is not recommended to have the function on for extended periods of time. Doing so may increase CO2 concentration in the car from the passengers. After only 15 minutes of CO2 accumulating within your car can cause drowsiness, nausea or even poor decision making. Hence, it is recommended to turn off the function every now and then to decrease CO2 levels in the car.

Overall, the combination of both a high-quality cabin filter and “air recirculation” function in your car can drastically improve the air quality inside your car and the health of your lungs.

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