Today’s Solutions: March 21, 2023

Journalists and newsrooms have wrestled with the right way to tell the climate story for almost thirty years. In fits and starts, newsrooms have covered climate change, suggested there was a reason for concern, backed off, named & renamed the crisis, and been challenged by misconceptions that sidelined seeking solutions. Well, that era is finally coming to an end!

In April 2019, the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation established a project encouraging global news organizations to get focused on climate coverage. The intention of this project, titled Covering Climate Now, was simple. Increase coverage and inspire journalists to tell the authentic stories they found, and the result would be an increase in accurate and thoughtful stories. What has happened is a tremendous increase in stories outlining that there is a crisis to be addressed. Over 1 billion people have been reached by stories from over 250 news outlets.

Covering Climate Now shares that in the past, journalists wrestled with concerns and misconceptions like; Where do we start? Our viewers will think we are activists! It’s too late; the problem is too big for us to make any difference! and Readers will find this depressing and tune out. These are exactly the kinds of challenges that we want to address at The Optimist Daily.

Here’s The Optimist Daily perspective.

Every single person can affect positive change by starting with good quality information, scientific research, and seeking people focused on solutions. Activism is simply not a bad thing. It is never too late to make a difference, and if you focus on solutions, readers will be inspired to join as emissaries of change! Great news for Climate Coverage Now and for all the other solutions we need for our world today.


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