Today’s Solutions: October 03, 2022

Resetting your gut is an effective strategy for feeling less stressed and more energized—and the fantastic thing is that it doesn’t require all too much time to make this happen. In fact, it just takes one day. With that in mind, here is a one-day meal plan created by the people over at Greatist that will reset your gut when stress has got your tummy feeling twisted:

1: Avocados for healthy fat at breakfast. The heart-healthy fat in avocados is chock-full of B vitamins, which nix stress while balancing out neurotransmitters and, according to a 2001 study, supporting brain function. Toss some avocado atop some whole-grain toast and enjoy. 

2: Yogurt to kick-start your morning:  Numerous studies have shown that eating foods rich in probiotics has amazing benefits for mental health. This is thanks to the gut-brain axis, which ensures that your healthy gut bacteria, brain, and mood are in balance. Eating some plain Greek yogurt will do the trick, but you can also add it to a smoothie. 

3: Blueberries for a sweet snack:  These tiny superfoods are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C — great news for you, bad news for anxiety. According to one study, vitamin C and antioxidants are powerful tools for fighting the symptoms associated with anxiety and even for preventing it. 

4: Spinach salad for a stress-free lunch:  Popeye was onto something. This leafy green is also good for reducing anxiety. Spinach is high in magnesium and B vitamins, two contenders in the fight against stress. 

5: Salmon for a dose of omega-3s at dinner:  Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety, and improve symptoms related to anxiety, such as increased heart rate. The fatty acids found in salmon can also regulate serotonin and dopamine levels, resulting in an overall calming and relaxing state. 

6: Dark chocolate for dessert:  Researchers analyzed five different kinds of chocolate and found that chocolate with 85 percent of cocoa had the highest serotonin content. The magnesium in dark chocolate can also help lower stress levels by suppressing the release of the stress hormone cortisol.  

Add these 6 foods to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and wake up with a smile tomorrow!

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