Today’s Solutions: July 07, 2022

AC systems and fans use up to 22 percent of the world’s electricity. This generates as many CO2 emissions as all the world’s cars. Strangely enough, however, the design of the fan hasn’t changed in 100 years. That’s why Jay Harman’s design firm, PAX Scientific, has designed a new, ultra-efficient fan called the Flair, that supposedly uses up to 85 percent less electricity than conventional fans of the same size.

Inspired by the natural phenomenon of whirlpools, the Flair is designed like the vortex of a whirlpool in order to minimize friction and maximize airflow. This not only helps the Flair blow air more efficiently but also makes it a whole lot quieter than other fans. Considering that there are around 800 million portable fans in the world, ultra-efficient and powerful Flair fans have the potential to make a real impact on carbon emissions and save billions of dollars in energy.

Currently, a Kickstarter campaign is underway to help Flair enter the market. Should you be interested in giving the Flair a boost, have a look right here.

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