A design studio in London has completely redesigned the clock, but in a way that makes it feel oh-so ancient (and relaxing). The Sand project, as it’s called, is a nod to Japanese rock gardens, called Karesansui Gardens, in which sand is shaped into patterns to mimic the appearance of water rippling.

The clock consists of a circular, sand-filled platform and a single hour hand. In the daytime, from midnight to midday, it draws ripples in the sand. Then, for the second half of the day, the hand flattens them out again in order to begin another cycle at midnight.

Watching the clock go is typically excruciatingly boring, but the Sand project gives a whole new experience as it provides a touch of zen to the passing of time. The duo of sisters behind Studio Ayaskan which created the clock hopes it will summon introspection through its repetitive patterns. 


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