Today’s Solutions: May 30, 2023

By The Optimist Daily Team

“If you want to predict the future, the best way is to create it.” – Rinaldo Brutoco

This weekend we began to create our future as Optimist Daily readers and Emissaries by hosting our inaugural Optimist Daily Emissary Conversation. We know as Optimists that informing ourselves about daily solutions to global issues is the first step to instituting the changes we want to see in the world. Discussing these issues with other critical thinkers can help us cultivate new ideas and promote real innovative solutions. These Emissary Conversations will be a series of monthly connection points between our staff and you, the reader. 

This weekend’s conversation featured an in-depth discussion with Impact Investor and Emissary Rinaldo Brutoco about his path to ethically conscious business and his philosophy about coming together to create the global future we want for ourselves and our children. 

From his experience with creating climate change-resistant prototype communities to his involvement with Just Capital promoting ethical business practices, Rinaldo’s work epitomizes the power of involving oneself in creating the solutions you want to see implemented in the world. 

We were also lucky to be joined by Optimist Daily Emissary Linda Dierks who shared why she loves the Optimist and how she contributes to her own community using her solutions-oriented mindset. 

We are very excited about using these conversations to increase communication between our staff and our readers. We received insightful questions and comments from some of our Emissaries about their favorite articles, content topics, and personal participation in the manifesting global optimism. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get to everyone’s comments, but we look forward to using this platform and our forthcoming Emissary Facebook page to get more engaged with our dedicated readers. 

We recorded and linked the conversation below to share it with you all and hope you feel inspired to join us as an Emissary and participate in our next event. (NOTE: We’re still figuring out the video editing tools, so scroll forward to about 1:30 minutes to get past the empty chairs).  We will set a date for our next Emissary Conversation shortly and hope to see you there!



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