For years the Optimist Daily has been writing about natural phenomenons, and yet, we continue to be surprised that they happen in our awe-inspiring world. This week, something very rare happened in Finland that we bet you have never seen before.

Walking along a beach on the Hailuoto island of Finland, a couple came across a shoreline covered in “ice eggs”, with the biggest being about the size of a soccer ball. It’s a rare phenomenon, one that requires very particular conditions to happen.

First, you need the air temperature to be just below zero, but only a bit. Next, you need the water temperature to be near the freezing point. Third, you need a shallow and gently sloping sandy beach and calm swells. On top of this, you need “something that acts as the core.” This core collects a bit of ice around it, and the swell moves it back and forth on the beach, allowing the ball to get wet, freeze, and become bigger and bigger.

Want to read more about the ice egg phenomenon? Look no further.

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