Today’s Solutions: July 06, 2022

We’re proud of our Optimist readers who eat a vegan diet. That’s why we feel excited to share stories about the latest tips and trends within the vegan community. With that in mind, experts lately have been warning that people eating a vegan diet need to make sure they get enough B12 – because the risk of deficiency is “not a myth”.

They were speaking ahead of ‘Veganuary’ when increasing numbers of people turn to a vegan diet each January. Adults need around 1.5 micrograms of B12 a day, which can be found in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. B12 deficiency, which can lead to nerve damage, tends to take three or four years to cause symptoms – usually first appearing as pins and needles in the hands or feet.

The good thing is that B12 deficiency is easily avoided. According to the Vegan Society, B12 is available in supplements or fortified foods such as breakfast cereal.

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