Today’s Solutions: September 29, 2022

This time of year it can feel like holiday gift guides are flooding your life. Gift options for kids are everywhere, but what about the impact all these plastic toys have on our environment? This week we share a different type of gift guide: engaging presents for environmentally conscious kids. 

An NPR poll found that 80 percent of parents wish their kids were actively learning about climate change, so Adventerra Games designed intricate board games to teach kids about environmentally conscious habits. They offer a range of games through which kids can save community water from a water monster, clean up a town overflowing with garbage, reduce energy waste, and keep the global warming index minimal.

If your kid loves stickers, consider Ooly’s durable reusable stickers. They offer a variety of themes and encourage kids to craft stories and reuse their play supplies.

If your child loves STEM, Robo Wunderkind makes a starter coding kit to inventively teach kids how to write their own code using physical hardware toys and written mathematical exercises.

For the young outdoor adventurer, Put On Your Owl Eyes is an interactive guide book that teaches kids how to best observe nature, watch for species activity, and journal and map their adventures. It’s the perfect gift for teaching kids to cherish their natural surroundings.

Other gift options include a build-your-own scooter kit, Atlas Obscura, endangered species plush animals, and compostable lunch ware. This time of year is so exciting for kids and these creative gifts are the perfect way to get kids excited about the environment. Browse the complete list for ideas for the youngster in your life!

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